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Network environments are increasingly complex. Separating all of the traffic into useful classifications and analyzing communication problems has become a challenge. It's no longer enough to know if the network is running well, now it's crucial to know how the ERP, CRM or manufacturing applications are performing. Is end-to-end performance tracking to expectation? Where's the problem? It matters if it's in the network or in the server farm. SWTG provides solutions that give you insight of a network problems with the added advantage of application monitoring for total network visibility. Troubleshooting is more effective, problems can be fixed, performance accelerated and security enhanced.


Network vulnerabilities are present in every system today. The problem is that technology advances so rapidly that it can be very difficult to eradicate vulnerabilities altogether. Networks are vulnerable to slowdowns due to both internal and external factors. If business processes, policies and technologies that enable organizations to facilitate and control their users' access to critical online applications and resources are not implemented, confidential personal and business information are vulnerable to unauthorized users. We provide solutions that help organizations identify and manage network vulnerabilities while providing proper Identity Management so only authorized users have access to confidential company data.


Data Leaks are a scary proposition. Security practitioners have always had to deal with data leakage issues from email, IM and other Internet channels. But now with IoT and mobile technology, it's easier than ever for data loss to occur. No matter how robust or intuitive your detection systems are, restricted data somehow manages to seep through. Protecting data is more than a policy decision. Employees must be trained to become more security savvy, and they must change the culture of the organizations. At the same time, companies must implement the right technology to protect the data in and outside their organizations from either leaking out the network or literally walking out the door. SWTG offers industry leading protection against network-initiated identity theft.


In this age of worms, zombies, and botnets, mobile computers themselves are a kind of Trojan horse. Do you know where that computer’s been? No, you really don’t. Therefore enterprises must establish and enforce policies on systems when they attempt to connect to the network or when they attempt to enter a particular part of the network. Making determinations about the device and access control decisions based on those determinations is paramount for establishing a perimeter. We provide a Network Access Control (NAC) system that can decides what access a device gets and where that device is allowed to go on the network providing very granular policy controls.


Most companies today are considering or undertaking a server consolidation effort to regain control of distributed data and to lower the cost of managing branch office sites. Consolidating servers can be a very efficient, secure way to deliver applications and services to the branch, but implementing the right solution is key to avoiding a number of potential pitfalls with WAN-based file access. The WAN is inherently less reliable than a LAN. Therefore, by optimizing what and how traffic traverses the WAN is very important. Our solutions optimize and accelerate file services and bulk applications between data centers and remote branch offices providing users near LAN-like performance.


We’re seeing a massive expansion of internet-connected people, places and things — and securing all of them is a problem.


The rate of internet connection is outpacing our ability to properly secure it.


Like street crime, which historically grew in relation to population growth, we are witnessing a similar evolution of cyber crime. It’s not just about more sophisticated weaponry; it’s as much about the growing number of human and digital targets.

Web-based Attacks0%
Phishing & Social Engineering Attacks0%
Malicious Code and Botnets0%
Denial of Service Attacks0%


The SWTG Process is aimed to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of an organization’s information, data and IT services.  Our methodology incorporates the paradigm of Assess, Design, Implement & Manage.


The assessment process is an important part of a successful cyber security strategy. It helps us understand the current status of an organization's security posture which forms the foundation of the cyber security strategy.


Designing a Security architecture that addresses the necessities and potential risks involved in a certain scenario or environment is paramount. It also specifies when and where to apply security controls. As successful design includes a structure that addresses the connection between the components selected to control all aspects of the security architecture.


The success of a project is only as good as it's implementation and this often is overlooked. With proper planning & expertise, our implementations let organizations realize the benefits of an efficient and powerful security solution that will provide advanced protection against known, unknown and advanced persistent threats.


Threats are growing more hostile, budgets are tight & skills are at a premium. Business initiatives like mobility, social media, web apps & big data can pose risks as well as inefficiencies if they are not properly managed. SWTG can help solve these challenges & close the gap through integrated technologies, professional services & training.